Tiny Chihuahua used for breeding, Discarded as old and useless, too traumatized to be put up for adoption.

$10 USD feeds a dog /cat for 2 days

$20 USD feeds a horse for 1 day

She had wire used as a collar which had embedded into her neck right down to the trachea. To shy and traumatised to be put up for adoption. 

Possibly thrown from a moving vehicle found on the middle of the road with a broken leg, people called the small animal society alas they could not help her. She had surgery and healed.

These are just a few of the many many souls we have rescued, sadly many were too far gone and had to be euthanized. Your donations buy, food, medication, spaying and neutering. Be an armchair activist! We'll do the work! 

Founded as a Horse Sanctuary. However people come to us as a last resort when other associations are unable to help.

​Mangie, starved, abandoned. The lady who found him called the  HS  but they were unable to help him. So she came to us

He was used for tours however being an alpha he was casted out as aggressive, left tied to a tree in the jungle awaiting death by starvation and dehydration. Healing children now.