Just because things have been done the same way for years, it does not mean it is right. Animal suffering usually is caused by ignorance. As someone said, we do what we learn, and if no one shows us a different way we will continue doing things the same way. We believe that offering alternatives to improve things is better than trying to solve an ongoing problem. With this in mind we offer clinics and workshops which give people the oportunity to do things in a different way. One of the people who gave a clinic was  Martin Ochoteco  Domador de Caballos on the TV series of a famous magazine,Chad Bembenek, farrier podiatrist, Dr.Jose Encarnacion Muños Gasca a prestigious equine veterinarian We also have internships in Equine Science, Volunteering programs. educational school visits and fun with horses. 

Together we make changes.

Your generous donations help us  feed our resident dogs, cats, horses.

And also help street dogs get medical help..