Liliana's fascination for horses started at a very early age. She has spent her life studying everything she can find about horses, behavior, genetics, anatomy, hierarchy, she is a horseaholic! Certified by the British Horse Society Equine Science degree BHSF

Her findings never cease to amaze her, she tells us. "I've heard of the clickety clack of horse hooves, I've heard of them walking, trotting next one, I was aware of a farm at the end of the lane so I thought they were walking towards a lovely grazing land, when I asked if I could go to the farm, I was told that the horsesere going for slaughter! This branded me for life. "“whenever there was a horse on sight I'd run towards it got on and simply pointed to my father and said to whom ever owned the horse that he would pay for the service”  and she happily rode off.

Her parents tried everything to discipline her; she would be sent to her room without dinner, denied outings with the family or with friends.  Alas it was all to no avail; as a last resort, she was sent to boarding school in the UK where she spent most of her life.

 This was meant to be, she was sent to the land of horses.  Soon she started working as a helper, mucking out stables, brushing horses, leading other riders and all for a riding lesson!  Her passion leads her to pursue her career in Equine Science with the British Horse Society, when she graduated she successfully ran a riding school in London, England. " I guess my very own rescue was Patch! I remember going to Southall Market to buy supplies for the riding school and instead I returned with a knobbly knee, arthritic, ill-tempered coloured mare! 

As she began to teach she realized the students seemed to be empowered after the riding lesson; they seemed happy and content when they dismounted.. This prompted her to enquire about riding therapy and she began her training with the R.D.F After a while she got her own horse and another one for her daughter and they moved to Derby in the countryside where she ran a livery yard and thus a new chapter began.

She continues her story. One evening she got a call from a lady asking her to please take her four year old Anglo-Arab as she had to go away on business.  “When Tommy arrived, he seemed calmed and happy. However, the next morning Tommy was a totally different horse! He lunged at me showing his teeth, reared up in a threatening manner. I just could not get near him!” Tommy had been separated from his mum at three months old and sold on. Sadly his "training" was using archaic methods. His owner was scared which was the reason for her bringing him to the livery yard.  With patience and love Tommy began to change, he got over his fears and became one of the herd. The word spread and thus she became a “horse whisperer”

Life puts us where we need to be, she said, my life took another tumble when I got divorced. Realizing she would be a single mother to her  13 year old daughter, she migrated to Cozumel to start a new life back in 1994, and thus another chapter began...

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