A kind lady found him roaming the streets, she contacted the "dog" associations, sadly no one was able to help him. We were his last resort. We are primarily a horse sanctuary but we could not turn our back on him! Your kind donations are needed as his treatment will take some time!

Heal a Horse is at  Rancho Universo, Which became the legal name for the organization. If the PayPal page opens in Spanish please scroll down to the bottom right hand corner for English option. Thank you.

He had open sores, so we bath him with a solution of Borax and Epsom salts

​PLEASE NOTE: When the paypal donating page opens in Spanish please scroll down for English option as shown above. Thank you.

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We need:

colloidal oatmeal shampoo

Olive oil

Epsom salts


And of course pay the vet bills! He will need neutering, vaccines etc