As some of you know we started feeding this mum and pups a few weeks ago, I did not see them for two days after the thunder storm we had. Then the day before yesterday "mum" was seating by the side of the road looking scared. I stopped to feed her and as I got back in the car she stood by the door. So I got off and got her in the truck...She stayed trembling by the truck the whole time I was working at the sanctuary. So I thought I'd take her home with me. On the way back we spotted  one of the pups. I turned around to put some food for her, mum jumped off and both began to bark towards the jungle, I guess they were calling to the  other one. I put baby in the truck and tried to get mum but she would not let me. So I thought I leave them there and just keep feeding them and try again when the three were together. I drove off and they came running behind me!! It was getting dark so I picked them up and left enough food and water for the other pup. Sadly the next day the food and water had not been touched. I guess she may have got killed during the storm :-(

We need sponsor for them as we know finding loving homes is close to impossible!

Every day there is a new hungry dogs dumped on the road. Sadly must of them get run over within a few days as they seat int he middle of the road waiting for the heartless person who dumped them. 

Not everybody has the possibility to adopt an unwanted being, however it is the responsibility of all caring humans to help them survive. Make the difference and donate today!! We will pick them up and give them a home! we just need to get them to trust us first and pray they do not get killed by a car!! Please make the pledge and make a monthly donation!! Thank you

The photo below is after feeding them for two weeks! And we can still see bones.