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Heal a Horse provides a permanent home and medical care to abandoned, neglected and abused horses and other animals.

Heal a Horse gets founded in 2001
Heal a Horse begins to operate as a Riding for the Disabled School  in 2004
Heal a Horse is awarded funds by the Federal Government for the infrastructure of the very first Riding for the Disabled Centre in Quintana Roo 2006
Heal a horse gets registered as a non-profit in 2008
Heal a horse becomes the very first verified sanctuary in Mexico by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries in Mexico in 2017

The sanctuary was created to improve the life of horses and other animals on the island, we have provided workshops and clinics which have helped horses not only on the island but all around Mexico as people from all of the republic come to learn from qualified and renowned farriers, veterinarians and horse trainers.

It all began with our first horse Chechen, he had been abandoned to die tied to a tree. Chechen had been abused and  forced to find his strength, he kicked, bite, shove, buck and rear. Some of the horses we rescued were found in the jungle, some we had to buy as they were going for slaughter, others were confiscated by the authorities from abusive handlers and surrendered to us and some were surrendered by caring people who could not afford to keep them anymore. Horses stay permanently at the sanctuary. We have a strict protocol, on arrival horses go into a quarantine area get dewormed, shoes taken off and allowed a time to adjust  as they are misstrusting, scared, defensive. Once horses are fit enough and only if they have the temperament and are thoroughly healed they help heal children with special needs by means of Hippotherapy, our aim is to let people see them as  intelligent, sentient beings who are also healers.

Hippotherapy explained briefly
As early as 600 B.C. The Ancient Greeks and later the Romans recognized the therapeutic value of horseback riding. In Europe, the use of horse riding therapy has been documented as early as 1875.  Dame Agnes Hunt at the Orthopedic Hospital at Oswestry in the United Kingdom employed similar techniques in 1901.
Miss Olive Sands MCSP took her horses to the Oxford Hospital to provide therapeutic riding to help rehabilitate Soldiers wounded during WWI.
The very first Riding for the Disabled Centre was founded in the South of England in the early 1960’s after Liz Hartel who had been paralyzed with Polio from the knees down won a Gold and Silver medal at the Olympic Equestrian Games during the 50’s.

However, as we are in the rural area we realized that dogs, cats and other species needed help too! Dogs get abandoned on the side of the road by irresponsible humans, it is very common to use females for breeding and tossed off once they cannot breed anymore. Most of these dogs get hit by cars as they seat in the middle of the road waiting for their human and most of them get killed, those who survive we take to get medical attention, many have needed extensive surgery as they had broken bones. We try our best to find good responsible homes for them however  the  ones for whom we cannot find homes remain at the sanctuary, we also help very poor people who cannot afford having their dogs neutered so that at least there are no more puppies starving to death.

                                             Heal a horse to heal a child and heal your soul by being kind.