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At Heal a Horse we provide a permanent home and medical care to abandoned, neglected and abused horses, and other animals.

​We are primarily a Horse Sanctuary, however during the past 16 years we have also helped and rescued many other species, including Pizote, peccary and other endemic species as well as dogs and cats.  Wild fauna is returned to their natural habitat, horses stay permanently at the sanctuary. We do our best to find good responsible homes for dogs and cats, however if a good home cannot be found for the dogs or the cats we keep them at the sanctuary.

In the past when horses were considered old, aggressive and even useless they were abandoned to die in the jungle tied to a tree. By offering the alternative of a permanent home at the sanctuary, many horses have been rescued. Our first horse Chechen was tied to a tree and he had PVC tubbing in his legs which prevented him from even walking around, some we have bought, others have been surrendered by owners who were unable to keep them, and others have been confiscated by the authorities from abusive owners and brought to us.

On arrival Horses go into the quarantine area, their shoes are removed, they get dewormed and checked for injuries. Once healed our horses are retrained and they in turn heal children with different capabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Hypotonia, Autism.  
Hippotherapy explained briefly
As early as 600 B.C. The Ancient Greeks and later the Romans recognized the therapeutic value of horseback riding. In Europe, the use of horse riding therapy has been documented as early as 1875.  Dame Agnes Hunt at the Orthopedic Hospital at Oswestry in the United Kingdom employed similar techniques in 1901.
Miss Olive Sands MCSP took her horses to the Oxford Hospital to provide therapeutic riding to help rehabilitate Soldiers wounded during WWI.
The very first Riding for the Disabled Centre was founded in the South of England in the early 1960’s after Liz Hartel who had been paralyzed with Polio from the knees down won a Gold and Silver medal at the Olympic Equestrian Games during the 50’s

How have we helped.

We do what we learn, therefore we endeavour to offer options to horse keepers on the island. Your generous donations also help provide several clinics and workshops with Farriers, Veterinarians, natural horsemanship. 

Heal a horse to heal a child and heal your soul by being kind.