Heal a Horse Cozumel Sanctuary

Heal a Horse was founded in 2001
Open the very first Riding for the Disabled Centre in Quintana Roo  2004
Received funds by the Mexican Federal Government for the infrastructure of a Riding for the Disabled School in 2006
Became a Registered Non-Profit organization in 2008 (Rancho Universo AC)
Got verification by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries in 2017 (the only verified sanctuary in Mexico)

Heal a Horse Cozumel Sanctuary was founded to address the urgent need to help horses on the island, it was common practice to simply tie them to a tree in the jungle to endure a long painful death. 
When and if horses are healthy enough then they are retrained to provide hippotherapy for children with special needs, such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and many more.

Someone who donated a mare he could no longer care for said to me “We do what we learn” Simple words holding so much truth. We this in mind we invited, horse trainers, farriers and vets to provide horse owners with different options in horse care.  People came from all over Mexico to learn from renowned professionals, such as Martin Ochoteco from the NatGeo Series, Chad Bembenek from the Equine Science Academy, and MVZ Jose Encarnacion Muñoz Gazca, from Pets and Company.
In time we have also become the last resort for many other animals domestic and feral. We are the only no kill centre on the island.

Being kind defines us, Together we can make a difference! Sponsor,Adopt,Donate