Heal a Horse Cozumel Sanctuary

Heal a Horse Cozumel Sanctuary was founded in 2001 to address a severe problem existing on the island, it was common practice to  tied horses  to a tree abandoning them to die a very slow painful death. We now have expanded to help other species, dogs, cats and even wild fauna which we return the the wild once they are healthy again.

By opening the sanctuary we offered an opportunity for horses and other animals to live a happy and healthy life.

We have spearheaded changes in animal's life by providing clinics and workshops for people to better care for their animals. We pioneered HIPPOTHERAPY in  Quintana Roo.

People come from all over Mexico to learn from internationally recognized Veterinarians such as Jose Encarnacion Muñoz Gasca, Peter Mellon from  Pets & Company  Steven Cribley, Castle Rock Veterinarians, Farriers such as Chad Bembenek, The Equine Science Academy, Martin Ochoteco Horse trainer and Star of the Nat Geo Series "Domador de Caballos" 

Heal a Horse was founded in 2001

Open the very first Riding for the Disabled Centre in Quintana Roo  2004

Received funds by the Mexican Federal Government for the infrastructure of a Riding School

Became a Registered Non-Profit organization in 2008

Got verification by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries in 2017 (we are the only verified sanctuary in Mexico) 


Heal a Horse, heal a dog, a cat, a piggie...

Your donations are essential to continue with our work​.