There will never enough homes for unwanted horses, dogs or cats unless people become aware that animals are sentient beings! We do what we learn. Our mission is to provide different options so that people can learn to care for their animals.  We have offered several  clinics and workshops with qualified professionals such as Martin Ochoteco from the National Geographic TV series Domador de Caballos, equine veterinaries such as Jose Encarnacion Muñoz Gazca Pets and Company, Farriers such as Chad Bembeneck, Equine Science Academy. People come from all over Mexico to learn from these professionals and thus we have helped improve the life of many horses. not just in Cozumel but all over Mexico.

People in rural areas are reluctant to neuter their dogs or cats, however when we explain to them that by neutering their dogs they prevent them from getting infections, getting hit by cars, get into fights,  it makes sense to them to neuter their and cats. We only take the dogs and cats to certified veterinarians as we know neutering will be done correctly and most importantly under general anesthesia.

We often find dogs tied to the gate, puppies in boxes who need to be hand raised. Make a difference Donate today!

All our residents were destined to a long painful death. We rescue them and provide a loving home. 

We need you to help us feed them, vaccinate, repair their home.Please do help donating what ever you can. Thank you

​​HEAL A HORSE SANCTUARY the only verified sanctuary in Mexico by GFAS Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries